VIDEO: How to stop your dog from chewing their leash

Well, I found some time to get the next video up and running… And it’s a good one, because leash chewing is a pain in the butt, because leashes are not cheap.

So once again, I’ve formed a great relationship with one of the world’s top dog training gurus. He’s mastered a way of training dogs that delivers incredible results, often in just minutes, using no harsh methods at all. He’s agreed to give me access to 5 free training sessions of his library of dog and puppy training videos. Watch the 2nd of the 5 videos he gave me, this “how-to” video guide is entitled “How to stop your dog from leash chewing”. I’m currently practicing these techniques with Tank.

Sorry I can’t upload the last 3 tutorials just yet, once again my full time job eats up all my time. I’ll upload another & email you the next video soon. Enjoy this video!

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